Tile cutter

Tile cutter 1200 mm

SKU: 7612
  • Motor assembly mounted on sliding bearings for maximum precision and reliability. Foldable at 45° for mitre. Direct drive motor.
  • Steel plate structure. Sturdy and maximum resistance to working conditions.
  • Patented ZERO DUST system exclusive to RUBI and certified by TNO, for safe exposure because of reduction of respirable dust particles generated during cutting.
  • C3 Pyhton cooling system. New adjustable refrigeration system. Allows to adjust the point of water´s fall depending on the material´s thickness, getting a direct impact of the water in the cutting point. This allows to increase the refrigeration´s efficiency and to reduce water dispersion.

Cutting material

For cutting porcelain stoneware.


The cutting capacities can vary depending on the head position, special flanges and disc diameter.

4 Hrs€75
1 Day€130
Ex Day€65
Week End€180

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