Brush Cutter / Weed Cutter, Petrol Mix-2 Stroke

Brush Cutter / Weed Cutter, Petrol Mix-2 Stroke

SKU: 62115

For cutting unwanted weeds, undergrowth and long grass in both accessible and hard to reach places.

This hand held unit requires minimum effort as you swing the cutting head across the area to be cleared.

Comes complete with harness & face shield.

Available with a blade (Included) or nylon strings (Extra Charge)

Fuel: 2 stroke oil mix
Weight: 8.0kg

Mix Fuel & 2 Stroke oil available for Purchase

4 Hrs€25.00
1 Day€40.00
Ex Day€40.00
Week End€55.00

Delivery is available for an extra charge / to be pre-booked in advance at least 48 hours prior. Call for delivery quote.

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