Angle Grinder 9″ – 230mm (Chaser)

Angle Grinder 9″ – 230mm (Chaser)

SKU: 6331

A versatile electric tool used with the appropriate abrasive or diamond discs, for heavy-duty grinding or facing jobs or as a cut-off machine for depths up to 60mm (2″). (blades not included in cost)

Voltage: 240V

Disc size: 230mm (9″)
Power: 2200W
Weight: 6.3kg

See rates below to include Vacuum, Dust Extractor Guard, Diamond Blade

230mm Abrasive & 230mm Diamond blades also available for purchase

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Grinder / Chaser #6331

9″ (230mm) Diamond Blade #2225

Dust Extractor Guard #6320

25L/35l Vacuum #58211 (Vacuum is discounted by 10.00e per day when taken with a chaser)

NOTE: Remember to exercise caution when working around dust always using recommended PPE

TermPrice :(Chaser ONLY)Price : Chaser w/Diamond BladePrice :
Chaser w/Dust Guard ONLY (No Blade/No Vacuum)
Price : Chaser w/Dust Guard & Vacuum
(No Blade)
Price :
Chaser w/Dust Guard , Diamond Blade & Vacuum (Complete Pkg)
4 Hrs€20.00€30.00€30.00€50.00€60.00
1 Day€35.00€45.00€45.00€65.00€75.00
Ex Day€20.00€30.00€30.00€65.00€60.00
Week End€50.00€65.00€65.00€95.00€110.00

Delivery is available for an extra charge / to be pre-booked in advance at least 48 hours prior. Call for delivery quote.

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