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Phd thesis on solid waste composting

Municipal solid waste management in Kolkata, India - A review. State of municipal solid waste management in Delhi, the capital of India. This is a list of phd thesis in knowledge management PhD thesis topics.

Phd thesis in solid waste management - Phd thesis on solid waste management. The average willingness to pay value of Rs. Documents Final correct PhD thesis April 27 6. Relations Get citation various referencing formats. And, you want it to be interesting. There are a host of significant Waste Management topics that are very worthy of your time and that can be extremely interesting, even thought they are focused on the removal of trash.

Integrated waste management options recycling, composting, leachate and landfill gas treatment are economically advantageous and offer a more phd thesis on solid waste management solution for waste management in Selangor. More information and software credits. In addition, a descriptive survey research design is a method of investigation which attempts to describe and interpret what exists at present in the form of conditions, practices, process, trends, effects, contribution and beliefs Kulbir One school was purposively sampled by the researchers.

The school was located in an urban area in Masvingo District, Zimbabwe. The sample for the study was composed of learners and three teachers at the participating school. The demographic data for the learners who participated in this study are captured in Figure 1.

Reducing the Impact of Wasted Food by Feeding the Soil and Composting

Figure 1 shows that there were 60 girls and 50 boys in this study. Thus, there was phd thesis on municipal solid waste management even distribution in both gender and age. Among the teachers, there were two female participants and one male participant. Data were generated through self-administered questionnaires which were distributed with the help of the teachers at the school.

In addition, data were also generated through 13 interviews 10 learners and 3 teachers and observations. Trustworthiness of the data was ensured through triangulation of both data sources learners and teachers and data generating methods questionnaires, interviews and observations.

Gatekeepers permission was obtained from the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, as well as ethical clearance from Great Zimbabwe University. The results from this study are presented as themes that emerged in the analysis of findings from the questionnaires, interviews and observations.

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The following major themes emerged: characteristics of solid waste, types of receptacles and average carrying capacity, waste disposal systems and preference of waste disposal. This section presents findings on the characteristics of solid waste generated at the school that participated in this study.

The solid waste was sorted into the following categories: paper, plastics, food, stationery, cans, vegetation, furniture and airtime. Each category of waste was then weighed and the researchers tabulated the findings according to the source of the solid waste.

The solid waste sources at the school were kitchen, hostel, grounds, classes, laboratories, workshops, administration block and agriculture. Table 1 reveals the solid waste characteristics at the school that participated in this study. However, waste from the administration was The waste at the school was mainly composed of paper, plastics and furniture. Phd thesis on municipal solid waste management interpretation of the findings indicates that the main type of solid waste at the school was paper.

Most of these techniques involve mechanical treatment including severe shredding for downstream separation.

Analyze the Waste management Essay Free Essays -

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Phd thesis on municipal solid waste management

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Phd thesis on solid waste management

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