Window Fixing Frame for Rubbish Chutes/Hoppers

Window Fixing Frame for Rubbish Chutes/Hoppers

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Used to support rubbish chutes for dumping of debris

(A) – Sleeve x 2 (B) – Strut Jack x 2 (C) – Crosspiece x 1 (D) – Bolts x 2 (E)-Nuts x 4 *Installing the window fixing frame (see diagram): The window fixing frame is suitable for mounting to window openings, sills, parapets etc. It is mounted to the building using the two strut jacks. It can be mounted to walls of thicknesses between 200 and 400mm (8″and 16″). A maximum of 10 chute sections can be attached to a window fixing frame, representing a maximum distance of 8.50m (28ft) between two window fixing frames. Moreover, an intermediate point of anchorage to the building is required for the rubbish chute between two fixing frames using a rope or a chain (not supplied).

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