Surface Scaler / Surface Grinder 5Hp Petrol

Surface Scaler / Surface Grinder – 5Hp Petrol

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The high performance Surface Scaler is the maintenance tool for roughening, leveling and preparing concrete for new coatings. Fitted with a light duty Star flails it is ideal for a variety of work including; cutting non-slip grooving; removing flooring materials and coatings from concrete, asphalt and steel decking; and stripping lat roofs. The unit can be connected to a dust extractor for dust free operation.

Fuel: Unleaded Petrol 
Power: 5HP Honda
Cutting width: 200mm (8″).
Weight: 75kg

NOTE: Remember to exercise caution when working around

dust always using recommended PPE

TermPrice w/o VacuumPrice w/vacuum
4 Hrs€125.00€145.00
1 Day€200.00€220.00
Ex Day€200.00€220.00
Week End€280.00€320.00

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