Rubbish Hopper

Rubbish Hopper

SKU: 50519

For the safe, dust free disposal of rubble from high levels. Quickly and easily assembled from 1m (.85m / 43″ Usable) sections connected together by steel chains and clips. Top hopper sections allows rubble to be barrowed into the chute.

* Used with The Rubbish Chutes (Code#50510)

* Also available: window & platform fixing frames (see photos) Makes easy installation of the hopper & chutes (Available for 15.00e per day) (Code#50520 / #50521)

*Customers are responsible for Installation*


  • 8kg per Hopper (1m / 43″ – .85m / 33″ Usable length: )
  • 9kg per Chute (1m / 43″ – .85m / 33″ Usable length: )

NOTE: Remember to exercise caution when working with dust always using recommended PPE

TermPrice / Each
Minimum Hire is 1 Day
1 Day€5.00
Ex Day€5.00
Week End€7.00

Delivery is available for an extra charge / to be pre-booked in advance at least 48 hours prior. Call for delivery quote.

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