Reciprocating Saber Saw, 1100w, 240v

Reciprocating Saber Saw, 1100w, 240v

SKU: 3125

Reciprocating Saber Saw, 1100w, 240v

Heavy duty saw for cutting all types of items, including timber, metal beams, branches, hedges and shrubs.

Comes with carrying case for easy transport.

Voltage: 240v
Power: 1100w
Depth of cut: depends on the blade size (Wood & Steel Blades available) 6″ & 12″ Length – Extra Charge)

  • Wood 230mm
  • Metal/Steel 20mm

* Blades are NOT included *

Weight: 3.6kg

4 Hrs€15.00
1 Day€25.00
Ex Day€15.00
Week End€35.00

Delivery is available for an extra charge / to be pre-booked in advance at least 48 hours prior. Call for delivery quote.

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