Power Digger / Roto Tiller (Mohriet), (7Hp/Petrol)

Power Digger / Roto Tiller (Mohriet), (7Hp/Petrol)

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Takes the hard labour out of garden digging. Will break up the surface and dig to a depth between 150mm – 300mm. Suitable for uncultivated ground. Has a folding handle for easy transport & is self propelled for easy operation.

Fuel : Petrol

Horse Power : 7HP

Weight: 75Kg

Number of Gears: 1.0, 1,2,3

Cultivating Width: 800-1000mm / Depth:150-300mm

Tiller Safety Tips

Whether you are tilling in the spring or fall, operating equipment safely should be priority.

Avoid the rotating tines and keep away from the tine shield when the engine is running. Keep all guards and shields in place when operating the tiller. Disconnect the spark plug cap if you need to clean or handle the tines. Do not move the tiller with the engine running.

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1 Day€55.00
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Week End€75.00

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