Large Dehumidifier, 1500w, 240v – Up to 300 m³

Large Dehumidifier, 1500w, 240v – Up to 300 m³

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For fast, efficient and safe drying out of buildings, storerooms and basements after flooding, water bursts or to remove condensation or moisture before plastering or decorating. Heavy duty, mobile with wheels and handle. Suitable for spaces up to 300 cu.m. (10,500 cu.ft). Extraction rate 4.5 to 82 litres (1 – 18 gal) in 24 hours depending on conditions.

Use the dehumidifier away from walls, furniture and curtains, to allow the air to circulate. Keep doors and windows closed while the dehumidifier runs. Empty the collected water out after every use and before moving it to another room. Before cleaning or maintaining your machine, you should turn off and unplug it.

Voltage: 230v
Power: 1500w
Weight: 75kg

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1 Day€85.00
Ex Day€85.00
Week End€120.00

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