Heavy Duty Circular Saw 7.5″, 1400w, 240v

Heavy Duty Circular Saw 7.5″, 1400w, 240v

SKU: 3201
  • A powerful and rugged circular saw suitable for all types of wood, block board, plywood and MDF board.
  • Supplied with tungsten carbide tipped blade, 45o adjustable sole plate, riving knife and guide ruler.
  • The most powerful in the entry-level class

Your advantage

  • With 1400 watts, the highest motor output in its class for fast sawing progress in soft and hard wood
  • Highest cutting depth (70 mm) and inclination (56 °) in its class for flexibility in every work situation
  • Compact device design for best handling

Additional advantages

  • Turbo blower for a dust-free view of the cutting line
  • Optimized chip guidance for a better view of the work surface
  • Robust, closed die-cast aluminum pendulum protection hood

Areas of application

  • Sawing concrete
  • Sawing wood
  • Sawing plastic
  • Sawing of non-ferrous metal
  • Sawing stone

NOTE: Remember to exercise caution when working with dust always using recommended PPE

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1 Day€25.00
Ex Day€15.00
Week End€35.00

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