Felling Axe

Felling Axe

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You use a felling axe to chop down trees. Efficiently transferring the blow and using this blow to properly cut through the wood is key. If the head of the felling axe is too thick you won’t be able to get through the wood. If it is too thin it won’t be strong enough. For this reason a good felling axe offers you the perfect balance between ergonomics and ‘cutting’ force.

Safe Practices & Uses

  • Use the right tool for the job. Axes should be used with two hands. Hatchets can be used one-handed for smaller jobs.
  • Remove any hazards from your work area. Ensure it is on level ground and that your striking area is free of rocks.
  • Set up a safe area to use the tools. The perimeter of your work area should be the length of your arm combined with the length of the tool. This is called the “blood zone” – only the person using the axe should be in this area. Mark the area off with rope or flags.
  • Always position your body so that you are not in the direct path of your swing.
  • Always swing in a controlled, well-balanced manner.
  • For axes and hatchets, inspect the handles before use for any damage and looseness in the head.
  • Never use a dull blade. Always make sure your axe or hatchet is sharp. Use a chopping block so that you don’t hit the ground or a rock with the blade.
  • Don’t unsheathe your axe or hatchet until you are ready to use it. Cover it back up when done.
  • When carrying an axe, hold it with the blade pointing down toward the ground. If on a long hike, securely lash it to your backpack.
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