Thursday, January 21, 2021

Welding, Power & Lightning

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Arc welding 180amp

Lightweight, portable welding unit to handle most exposed arc welding tasks, from ...

Contractors light

The perfect way to provide on-site floodlighting without the need for heavy-duty ...

Extension Cable (Heavy Duty) 75 mts.

For 240V supply 75m heavy-duty long lead.

Extension cable 25mts.

For 240V supply 25m (80') long lead, fitted with 13A plug and 4 outlet sockets.

Generator 2.2 KVA - 110/240 V

A frame mounted lightweight portable petrol-powered generator.

Generator, 4kw - 110/240v w/Power inverter

A frame mounted lightweight portable petrol-powered generator.


A Silent portable closed frame petrol-powered generator with wheels . Suitable for ...

Junction box 16 amp 4 way

Sturdy, weatherproof unit with four 13A sockets for 240V suppliers.

Mig welder 160amps

A Single phase welding unit designed for professional repairs and minor fabrication ...

Plasterers Light

Provides a wide spread of light with a minimum shadow for use when plastering walls.

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