Wednesday, January 27, 2021
SKU: 56262

Infra-Red Industrial Heaters

An energy efficient Infra-Red heaters ideal for zone or spot heating when the requirement is to limit the area heated. Ideal for use in draughty areas in large warehouses, or in covered but not enclosed areas. warming up time is negligible, heat can be projected up to 6m (20'), the heat output is totally dry, there is no noisy dust blowing fans and up to 87% of the total energy input is converted into usable heat. Also suitable for drying out damp areas and for curing paints, dyes and fibreglass.

Mounted in a strong metal box and on four wheels, this mobile unit is ideal for garages, tyre fitting bays, building sites and warehouses. Emit a red beam of light.

Voltage: 240V
Power: 3000W
Weight: 26kg

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