Sunday, January 17, 2021

General Building

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Blow lamp

Gas operated and suitable for removing old paint jobs.

Bolt croppers 36

Bolt-cropper for cutting mild steel bars - 0.9m (3') for up to 16mm (5/8")


Steel bar with a Fork at one end and a chisel at the other. Two sizes available 24" ...


A sensitive meter for checking the direct moisture content.

DPC Machine

Portable electric pump to create a new damp-proof course in brick or stone walls ...

Flame gun

Gas operated and suitable for burning off grass and weeds or sterilising ground ...


Pneumatic tyred and heavy-duty.

Line marking machine

An outstanding machine which give sharp, accurate lines and fast, clean, ...

Metal locator hand-held

A hand-held, simple to operate, metal locator, highly sensitive to wide range of ...

Metal detector

For locating pipes and metal objects buried in soil or building structures.

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