Thursday, January 21, 2021



30m of web strengthened, 13mm diameter hose. Fitted with an adaptor for connection ...

Power Digger / Roto Tiller (Mohriet)

Takes the hard labour out of garden digging. Will break up the surface and dig to a ...

Hedge Trimmer, Electrical

Makes light work of all hedge cutting. The 400mm (16") blade will cut branches up to ...

Felling axe

A tool for garden care throughout the season.

Chainsaw, Wood 18

500mm (18") 240v -2300w Electric model for felling trees or cutting logs up to 760mm ...

Chainsaw 18

18" STIHL Petrol Wood Chainsaw

Brush Cutter w/Nylon

For cutting unwanted weeds, undergrowth and long grass in both accessible and ...

All purpose saw

Lightweight saw for cutting branches, hedges and shrubs.