Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Fixing, Carpentry & Sanding

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Power Plane

An 82mm (3.25") general planer fitted with dust extraction port and bag for the ...

Staple tacker

A hand-operated light-duty stapling machine suitable for fixing paper, card and ...

Screwdriver, Power - TEK

A screwdriver to tackle all site jobs for TEK screws in roofing and cladding work.

Screwdriver, Power - Dry Wall/Gypsum

A screwdriver to tackle all site jobs for dry-walling and self drilling.


A 12mm plunge router for rebating, grooving, jointing timber as well as free-hand ...

Pole Sander 8

Pole Sander 9" (FLEX Giraffe Wall and Ceiling jibson Sander)

Orbital Sander

Powerful and lightweight finishing sander for wood and metal panels.

Nail Air Stapler 50mm Max.

For use whenever a heavy duty powered tool is needed to drive narrow staples, up to ...

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