Thursday, January 21, 2021
Cross Cut Mitre SawCross Cut Mitre SawCross Cut Mitre SawCross Cut Mitre Saw
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A portable bench top saw ideal for shop fitters, kitchen fitters, general wood working and picture frame making - any requirements for accurately cutting mitres and bevels.
Features pre-set cutting guides for the most used mitres at 15o, 22o, 30o and 45o as well as for 90o. Tilting saw head to 45o for compound mitre cuts and a telescopic arm for wide material. Suitable for wood, plastic & metal.


Voltage 240V  
Power 2000W  
Blade Size 250mm (10")  
Vertical cross cut 300 x 75mm  
45o mitre cross cut 300 x 40mm  
45o bevel cross cut 210 x 75mm  
Weight 18 kg  


4 Hrs 1 Day Ex Day Week Week End
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NOTE: Remember to exercise caution when working with dust always using recommended PPE