Friday, January 22, 2021

Fixing, Carpentry & Sanding

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Floor Sander

A versatile variable speed tool with both rotary and orbital movement for extremely ...

Floorboard clamp

Used when laying tongue-and-groove floor boards to ensure a tight and straight fit.

Hammer stapler + mallet

Heavy-duty tool for the rapid fixing of hardboard, for floor coverings and wall ...

Cartridge Hammer .27 cal / Stud Gun

The quickest method of fixing battens, brackets and trunking to brick, concrete or ...

Hydraulic body repair kit

Powerful hydraulically-operated unit for correcting bodywork and chassis distortions.


For fast, accurate cutting of curves or straight lines in wood, metal or plastics.

Laminate trimmer

Makes fast, light work of flush, bevel or patterned cuts, as well as grooving.

Nail Air Stapler 50mm Max.

For use whenever a heavy duty powered tool is needed to drive narrow staples, up to ...

Orbital Sander

Powerful and lightweight finishing sander for wood and metal panels.

Pole Sander 8

Pole Sander 9" (FLEX Giraffe Wall and Ceiling jibson Sander)

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