Sunday, January 17, 2021
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130 Bar (1900PSI) 240v / 1900 Watts-Electric - 10 lts/min - COLD Water Pressure Washer

Developed for maximum versatility, the PW-C21 cold water high pressure cleaner is suitable for use in home and domestic environments as well as for professional use. 

The ergonomic handle and compact design makes the pressure washer convenient and simple to use in order to minimize user fatigue during cleaning activity. 


* A zero degree rotaing tip is also available as an attatchment which will increase the pressure by 10 bar for an additional 10.00e per day * (Code#59412)


TIP: the trolley can be removed for easier portablility, as seen in the photo below


NOTE: Remember to exercise caution when working with power washers always using recommended PPE