Friday, January 22, 2021
SKU: 01621

 Power Breaker RCD

Heavy duty wet cutting diamond drill rig for easy use on sites when drilling from 52mm up to 200mm holes in reinforced concrete, masonry or stone. The unit can be affixed to the surface (wall or floor) by vacuum pump, fixing bolt or a crow prop. Water lubricated diamond cores cut perfect round holes and keep the work place dust free.

Keep it for 7 days the same rate as 4 *you get 3 days FREE*

Voltage: 240V
Power: 2400W
Drilling Range: 52-200mm
Max. Bit Length: 500mm
Weight: 32kg

4 Hrs 1 Day Ex Day Week Week End
€80.00 €140.00 €140.00 €560.00 €195.00

Extra Bits Available for Hire 30.00e per day Extra (1 Bit included with Diamond Rig)

BIT SIZES : 52mm / 62mm / 72mm / 76mm / 89mm / 102mm / 125mm / 150mm / 200mm

Also available a 12" Core Bit extention (Code#2222-008) 6.00e / Day Extra


NOTE: Remember to exercise caution when working with dust always using recommended PPE